About BrainForest

BrainForest was formed after a tough battle with depression pushed me to seek new ways to process my thoughts and emotions. My research led me to CBD and THC. As I persevered through my depression, My dog Ace loved me unconditionally. He kept me from crumbling as I put myself back together. I owe so much to him and to the discoveries I've made. I truly hope that more testing can be done on the effects of THC and CBD in regard to anxiety and depression. 

In the meantime, I am determined to find the best products and deliver them to your door. There is far too much junk out there and not enough avenues to purchase the supplies you need. BrainForest is here to change that.

Please take care of yourself. Enjoy Life. And remember....

BrainForest = Happy. Good.

♡ Christine & Ace!



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