What's the Best Water Pipe for Your Smoke Under $50?

If you smoke on a regular basis, using a pipe to smoke can be detrimental; the impact on your lungs is measurable. Cheap, one-hitter pipes might be a quick and easy purchase, but they don’t do anything to cool or filter your smoke. Likewise, many smokers use tobacco pipes with silver screen filters, but inevitably, we end up inhaling the unfiltered ash. 


Bring on the water pipes and bongs! There are more and more easy-to-access options out there every day for bubbler pipes and bongs. Because of this, a quality bong or bubbler pipe at a reasonable price is always within reach.


Essentially, bubbler pipes are just small bongs. However, If you’re not careful, the compact size of a bubbler won’t do anything to cool the smoke coming off of your lovely weed. It’s true you can find inexpensive options on Amazon, but these are typically only a couple of inches tall. These bottom-shelf bongs tend to be impossible to clean, and are usually made of low-quality material.


The basic bong design most of us are familiar with evolved in the 70s and early 80s. It’s a simple, straight-forward design in which the main component is a straight glass tube. The herb goes into a small bowl, which is connected to a downspout. This design allows the user to inhale the herbs through the top of the glass tube. 


So where should a budding herbalist go to find their ideal water pipe? (3 points if you caught the pun. 😊)


BrainForest puts the perfect bong design - with all of the elements you’re looking for - straight into your own hands. 


Get our gorgeous, sleek water pipe HERE!


BrainForest’s Water Pipe is a step above your classic bong by utilizing several cool and awesome features….

  • The pipe has multiple chambers, just like a smoke water pipe. 
  • The inhalation chamber is angled, as is the bowl, to provide ease of use. 
  • The removable percolator allows smoke to be cooled even further by dispersing it evenly throughout the water. 
  • This innovative design even allows the user to add small ice cubes to obtain an even cooler smoke. (4 more pun points. 😎)
  • The insulated carry-koozie accessory makes this your go-to pipe if you’re on the go, or on a hike, or at the lake or beach. The koozie keeps the water cold, while modestly hiding your pipe from view. How cool is that?

BrainForest’s goal is to put quality smoke products into the hands of everyday users. In order to do this, we keep our prices low. This gem of a deal puts our beautiful, quality glass water pipe in your world for only $44.99! 


Browse our complete BrainForest catalog today!


BrainForest = Happy. Good.


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