Puff, Puff, Clean: BrainForest’s Signature Water Pipe

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Puff, Puff, Clean: BrainForest’s Signature Water Pipe

BrainForest's Water Pipe Beginnings

Did you know? BrainForest began because Christine wanted high-caliber smoke products at reasonable prices. In particular, she was on the hunt for a high-quality, affordable water pipe.

In the beginning, Christine was driven to alleviate a severe depression, and actively sought a solution that addressed her mental well-being. As a woman in her 40s, she came across cannabis and discovered its many positive, healing effects. However, the smoke products she initially found were sub-par.

Due in part to her asthma, she also wanted as healthy a smoke experience as possible. The water pipes, bongs, and hand pipes she found failed to deliver on many fronts. Very often, these devices lacked filtration, were difficult or cumbersome to clean, and were priced beyond the reach of many individuals.

After much trial and error, Christine selected our flagship product - the BrainForest-brand Water Pipe. This bong boasts a sleek, elegant, and durable design. It's easily portable, and an optional carry-koozie keeps your smoke cool; it can be attached discreetly to a backpack or belt loop.

Do you love what you read so far? If so, you can find our BrainForest Water Pipe on its own in the catalog, or as part of our SnowDaze PotLuck 420 Subscription Box in the Pantry. This bong is awesome and is sure to give you and your buds lots of enjoyable seshes.

BrainForest's Signature Water Pipe














BrainForest’s Water Pipe 

This handheld water pipe is the perfect smoking companion. Remarkably, you can find near-identical pieces online for four to six times the price. However, at BrainForest, we take pride in giving you incredible products at a price point that everyone can afford.

Now, let's delve into the details...

First, the device's design means it's Removable, Reusable, & Easy-to-Clean. This pipe enhances your smoke experience and is easily maintained.

Moreover, it's Portable & Discreet. This glass bubbler measures 9-inches high, by 2.25-inches wide. It's inconspicuous and easy to carry.

Furthermore, it features a Removable Herb Chamber, which is simple to clean. The reusable bowl comes with pre-drilled filter holes, which eliminate the need for extra silver screens.

In addition, our water bong provides a Secure Draw. Heavy silicone rings give the piece a snug fit, which result in a strong and pleasant draw every time. Extra rings are included.

Notably, our pipe offers Effective Water Filtration. You can add the optional water filter piece as needed or wanted. The component filters out unwanted particles for a nice, smooth hit.

Moreover, the Multiple Chambers diffuse your smoke in order to give you a cool cloud. Additionally, multiple chamber holes protect against backsplash. Want an even cooler hit? We recommend adding ice cubes! It's pure perfection.

Lastly, this water pipe has a Durable Base. It's crafted from heavy glass, which ensures a long lifespan. As a bonus, if you opt for the Insulated carry-koozie, you get the convenience of a handle and buckle for on-the-go portability. It's perfect for hikes and days at the beach!

Choose a Free Gift for Your Bong

Right now, we want you to choose a free gift when you purchase our BrainForest Water Pipe.

  • Carry Koozie
  • Bumper
  • One-Hitter 

A water pipe that’s dishwasher-safe.... Are you sure?

Absolutely! We're not kidding when we say our BrainForest Water Pipe is easy-to-clean.

  • All of the bong's pieces are removable and can be cleaned with your favorite cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol. Or, get this, simply place your water pipe on the top rack of your dishwasher. Can you believe it? Dishwasher-safe! What's easier than that? 
  • For the bowl, use a cotton swab with your preferred cleaning solution. Simple.
  • To clean the downstem, simply remove the silver filter at the bottom to allow water to flow through easily. 

Watch others enjoy their BrainForest Water Bongs

If you're looking for mini-bubblers, glass bubblers, or a nice water pipe for weed, our BF Water Pipe is the way to go! Upgrade your next sesh and enjoy clean, cool, and flavorful hits at home or out-and-about. 

With BrainForest

With BrainForest, we guarantee you'll get an incredible smoke experience with any of our fantastic products. We believe in the good of cannabis and want you to have the healthiest, most enjoyable sessions you possibly can at a price everyone can afford. 

Thank you for being part of the BrainForest family, as well as for supporting this small, women-run company.


Happy. Good.

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