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Nutrient-Rich Cannabis & Hemp Grow Recipes.

BrainForest's Complete Organic Potting Soil Recipe and Supercharged Organic Soil Recipe are perfect for people who want to grow smart and on a budget. If you don’t have the time or know-how to check the PH balance and other nutrients required to grow healthy plants, then these cannabis grow recipes are perfect for you.  

When I first decided to grow my own marijuana plants, choosing the right soil was one of the biggest challenges I faced. There are high-priced soils out there, specifically designed to feed and nurture your precious plants, but sometimes they are hard to come by and shipping can be costly, especially if you are growing more than one plant. There are online recipes, but their lists of ingredients are often hard to find. Worst of all, if you purchase ingredients individually, the sticker shock is REAL, my friends. 

Excuse the pun, but digging further into the chemistry of soil composition, there are PH testers and products that will increase and decrease the PH. There are also a host of nutrients and additives, but again, they require more time and more money. Ca-ching. Ca-ching. Ca-ching. (Boo to that.)


So where does this all lead you? 


BrainForest’s Nutrient-Rich Cannabis & Hemp Grow Recipes

At BrainForest, we know your seeds are an investment. You need a loose enough soil which will allow plant roots to grow freely, without harm. Your soil needs to have the proper nutrients to help your cannabis and hemp plants through both the vegetative and flowering growth stages. 

No more hard-to-find ingredients.

No more specialty shops. 

The recipes below minimize the amount of additional nutrients you need to purchase. You will find the instructions below for BrainForest’s Base Soil Recipe, our Complete Organic Potting Soil Recipe, and last but not least, our Supercharged Organic Soil Recipe. The wonderful thing about these soils is they have the same base for both the Complete Organic and the Supercharged Organic soils, which saves you time and money. The primary difference between recipes occurs when the cannabis or hemp roots are developed and looking for a little more pizazz. 

The following cannabis and hemp soil recipes are meant to help you build an inexpensive, organic soil that is nutritionally sound enough to aid your plant through her entire life cycle. 


For additional help, watch my easy How-To Video on YouTube: 


Shopping for soil ingredients

I typically shop for 4 cubic feet when buying Perlite, because Perlite is volcanic rock, which means it has no expiration date. The savings I get by buying 4 cubic feet versus smaller bags are astronomical. I regularly order Perlite off of, and love that it comes straight to my door - easy as pie!  

The Coco Coir typically comes in a compacted brick that is sold online or at chain stores. Be aware you will need to add water to the brick in order to rehydrate it. To make things super-easy, I put my brick in a fabric grow bag (felt works great), and then place the grow bag inside a tote so that the extra water can flow out freely.    

* * * * *

The following recipe is enough to fill about 4 to 5 gallon-sized grow bags. Grow bags will soon be available as part of our BrainForest catalog. Check out our catalog for these and other great products:

BrainForest’s Base Soil Recipe

Once you mix the above items together, split the mixture into two different bins. One half will be for your Complete Organic Potting Soil and the other half will be for your SuperCharged Organic Soil.

NOTE: I recommend you wear a mask and gloves when combining ingredients. The Perlite gets super dusty and can be a little sharp.


BrainForest’s Complete Organic Potting Soil Recipe

The first three ingredients may have already been combined in Base Soil Recipe, listed above:

  • 5 pounds Coco Coir
  • 5 pounds worm castings
  • ½ cubic foot of coarse Perlite

Once Base Soil Recipe is combined, follow directions for the final two ingredients:

In your Complete Organic Potting Soil bin, mix in 2 cups of all-purpose garden fertilizer. I have personally used the brand Down to Earth Organic All-Purpose Fertilizer. You can find it on Amazon or in stores. If you are unable to find that specific brand, look for something that is close to 4-6-2 in nutrients. Be sure the middle number is higher than the last number.

The last ingredient you will add to your bin is ½ cup of Azomite, which you can find in stores or on Amazon. Mix together and your BrainForest Complete Organic Soil is done!


BrainForest’s Supercharged Organic Soil Recipe

For the first part of the Supercharged recipe, follow the Base Soil Recipe, listed above.

  • 5 pounds Coco Coir
  • 5 pounds worm castings
  • 1/2 cubic foot of coarse Perlite

Once the Base Soil Recipe is combined, follow directions for the final two ingredients for Supercharged:

  • 5 cups of all-purpose garden fertilizer
  • 3/4 cup Azomite

Mix in your 5 cups of all-purpose garden fertilizer and your ¾ cup Azomite. These will help your plant when it reaches the flowering stage, because they will provide the nutrients it needs to flourish.

Next, you will hot-compost your Supercharged soil bin.

  1. Put the mixture in a bin 
  2. Cover the mixture with a sheet of paper - make sure the paper is nice and wet.
  3. Cover the bin with a lid.
  4. Leave the bin in the hot sun for up to 3 months.
    1. NOTE: Only the Supercharged Soil needs to be hot-composted.


Using your Complete Organic Potting & Supercharged Organic Soils

I recommend using BrainForest’s Complete Organic Potting Soil & Supercharged Organic Soil in the following ways:

  • Place the Supercharged Organic Soil in the bottom ⅓ of your grow bag. When the roots are more mature, they will be able to tap into the supercharged nutrients. The top ⅔ of your grow bag should be filled with the Complete Organic Potting Soil recipe, which will help your plants as they germinate and develop.  
  • The Complete Organic Potting Soil recipe is a great nutrient-rich soil that will work with ALL sorts of plants. If you grow anything in addition to your cannabis or hemp plants, it will work wonders for you. Personally, I use this blend for all of my garden seedlings.


Let’s Connect!

I’m so happy you found us! I hope you love these recipes as much as I loved creating them. Please feel free to pass this post on to any and all of your 420-friendly friends, or share with an avid gardener. 

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know how these awesome cannabis grow recipes work for you. Or, feel free to reach out with any questions you might have. I’m happy to help. Drop us a note at: 

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