Peek Inside Our PotLuck SnowDaze/Holidaze Box

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Peek Inside Our PotLuck SnowDaze/Holidaze Box

BrainForest’s PotLuck Subscription Box is available now.

Wondering what’s inside this jam-packed, SnowDaze/Holidaze-themed package? Well, look no further. A wonderful list and collage are just below full of fun and exciting spoilers perfect for every chill-seeking stoner ….. 

What’s Inside

Tucked inside this frosty box, are 420 accessories we know will make your next sesh merry and bright. The team at BrainForest has curated the perfect blend of practical needs with the delight of extra-special glass to make this box one in a million. With a price tag as low as $37.99, this stoner subscription box is an incredible steal. Look what we’ve put inside….

  • BF Welcome & featured recipe card
  • Decarb/CannaButter recipe card
  • BrainForest Glass Water Pipe (add ice cubes for an extra-chilly cloud)
  • Glyercine Pipe (Put this in the freezer for a wintery smoke!)
  • Holiday cookie cutter
  • Stickers
  • BF Tin & magnetic lid
  • Hemp wick
  • 2 packages of wax melts
  • Merry Jane wraps & doobtube

Order Your Box Today

Like what you see?

Well, then, look at the options below and then go order your own. We’re so happy to have you with us.

Quarterly PotLuck Subscription Boxes

  • Winter Box - Shipping has begun!
  • Spring Box - Shipping begins March 1st
  • Summer Box - Shipping begins June 1st
  • Fall Box - Shipping begins September 1st

Purchase Options

  • One-Time Purchase for $44.99
  • Quarterly Subscription Charged Annually for $151.96 (a savings of $28!)
  • Quarterly Subscription Charged Every 3 Months for $39.99 (save $20!)

Rate, Review, & Subscribe!

As a fledgling company, BrainForest is hungry for reviews! (Get it?) We invite you to review your PotLuck Subscription Box with as much detail as you can. We so appreciate it! Seriously. Great-Aunt Marge’s pinchy-cheek-kisses to you, and you, and you! 

Every Potluck review enters you into a monthly drawing for the chance to win a free item in your next box - a $30 value! 

Find BrainForest on the socials at…. 

Interested in a Collab with BrainForest?

Are you a THC/CBD-driven YouTuber or Instagrammer who wants to make our acquaintance? If so, please reach out and connect with us at We’d love to connect and expand the number of our buds by leaps and bounds. 


Happy. Good.

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