Celebrate 710 with the NEW PotLuck 420 Subscription Box!

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420 Stoner PotLuck Subscription Box

Our Full Meal is available for as low as $37.99!

This summer's PotLuck 420 Subscription Box is packed full of incredible stoner goodies and gear, sure to make your 710 holiday one for the record books. Subscription options are available, or make a one-time purchase for only $44.99.

Our Full Meal  includes the complete box. The Full Meal can be purchased as a one-time-only item, or you can subscribe for scheduled deliveries of our PotLuck 420 Subscription Box and receive them throughout the year. If you subscribe, you are able to choose whether you'd like to pay quarterly or annually. 

420 Stoner PotLuck Subscription Box, Full Meal, Grass

Our 'Grass Is Greener' Stoner Box includes:

🍃 Grass Is Greener Bong
💚 Flower & Banger Bowls
🍃Carb Cap
💚 3-Filter Silicone Mouthpiece
🍃 Hash Tray & Cone Loader
💚 Green Apple Cones
🍃Oil & Gummies Recipe Cards
💚 Cleaning Brush
🍃 Best Friends Pin
💚 710 Coloring Sheet

BrainForest offers 2 additional PotLuck sizes & prices

Note, our two other size options are one-time only purchases, and they include the following....

First, is the Main Course for only $29.99.

420 Stoner PotLuck Subscription Box, Main Course, Grass

With our PotLuck Main Course, you will get exactly what you're looking for, without the extras you may already have or don't really need. Our Grass Is Greener Main Course features each our main bong, plus a bowl for flower, as well as a banger bowl and carb cap. Enjoy and celebrate the most important element of any of our PotLuck Boxes - the Main Course!

Second is our Dessert is only $19.99!

420 Stoner PotLuck Subscription Box, Dessert, Grass

For the Dessert Course, you'll get all the fun extras from our current collection. In our Grass Is Greener Box, this means you receive a set of Green Apple Cones and our easy-to-use Hash Tray & Cone Loader. It's all the fun stuff! Our PotLuck Dessert is sure to elevate your cannabis experience to new heights.

All in all, there's a ton of flexibility when it comes to the PotLuck 420 Subscription Box. We're sure there's an option just right for you!

So, why choose a 420 Goody Box?

  1. Unbeatable Value: You get more for your money with our smoking subscription box. You'll flip when you see all that's packed in each collection! We promise you'll find quality essentials at an affordable price every time.
  2. Refresh Your Collection: Are you tired of using the same old smoking gear? Well, with PotLuck 420 Subscription Boxes, you'll refresh your collection regularly at a fraction of the price. Experience the thrill of unboxing a new stoner box filled with surprises every quarter.
  3. Hand-Curation: Say Goodbye! to generic smoking accessories and Hello! to personalized indulgence. Our expert curators handpick each item in your 4/20 goody box, guaranteeing a unique and exciting assortment every time.
  4. Convenience: Skip the trip to the store and have your stoner's sub box delivered directly to your doorstep – it's hassle-free and convenient.
  5. Variety: From premium glassware to fun accessories, our 420 goody box offers a diverse selection catered to all of your smoking preferences.
  6. Excitement: Treat yourself! Let us surprise you every quarter with our PotLuck 420 Subscription Boxes, because who doesn't love a little excitement in their mailbox? Refresh your cannabis accessories hassle-free! 

Still not convinced? Then be sure to watch these awesome canna-influencers gush over our PotLuck 420 Subscription Boxes! 

Sign Up Today and Elevate Your Smoking Game

Are you ready to take your smoke experience to the next level? If so, then sign up for your very own PotLuck 420 Subscription Boxestoday. Act now and join countless other satisfied smokers who enjoy the best in curated cannabis accessories. We believe it's time to indulge in the ultimate stoner's delight – one box at a time.

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