Why BrainForest's 420 Stoner Mystery Boxes Make the most Cent$

  • , by Christine Erdman
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BrainForest 420 Stoner Mystery Box with high value items

Wholesale meets 420 Stoner Mystery Box and why that equals the best value for you.

Stoner Mystery Boxes by BrainForest give YOU the best value for your money. Hands down! 

“How?” you might ask. 

Well, it’s because BrainForest purchases wholesale and owns its brand. Because we buy in bulk, the price per unit is lower. Due to the nature of wholesale (i.e. supplying other shops and stores), BrainForest cannot sell an item to the public at the same price items are sold to retailers. 

“So, what in heck? Is there a happy medium? Are there any great deals for me-the-customer?” you might say. 

We’re so glad you asked! :)

Cue Stoner Mystery Boxes by BrainForest! 

With our SMB’s, you-the-customer get the value of products purchased in-bulk at rock bottom prices. Any 420-friendly friend will love these boxes! These are the perfect gift for you or for all of the other cool people in your life. 

Even better than all that - BrainForest wants to hear from YOU. Drop us an email (brainforest420somewhere@gmail.com) and tell us your preferences and we will curate the perfect box just for you or for your loved one. 

How do you smoke? What are MaryJane items you love, or what are some smokeshop items you’d like to try? Some ideas are….

  • Rolling Trays
  • Cone Papers
  • One Hitters
  • Glass
  • Apparel
  • Grinder
  • Batteries
  • Novelty Items
  • Posters
  • Rollers
  • Flavored Papers
  • Stickers
  • Wax Molds
  • Tools

How amazing is that?!

BrainForest = Happy. Good.


p.s. Do you love our Stoner Mystery Boxes as much as we love making them? If so, share us with a friend and they’ll get a 15% discount when using the code PUFFPUFFPASS.

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