Flippin’ Loud’s Mystery Box Review is Fire! 🔥

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Flippin’ Loud’s Mystery Box Review is Fire! 🔥

YouTube Unboxing Video Features BrainForest's Stoner Mystery Box

YouTube Unboxing Video Features Our Stoner Mystery Box

BrainForest was recently featured in another awesome unboxing video called “This NEW MYSTERY BOX was LOADED with Stuff!!” The video was created by the amazing team at Flippin’ Loud on YouTube and dropped on October 23, 2023. It features one of our very favorite BrainForest products - our Stoner Mystery Box! This video is BrainForest’s second collaboration with a canna influencer and we are loving the opportunities to work with such cool, fun, and creative people in the cannabis world. Be on the lookout for another team-up with Craig and Dani at Flippin’ Loud in the coming month - it’s going to be delish!

About Flippin’ Loud

Craig, or Flip, is a Philly-born MJ-lover with a heart of gold. His enthusiasm for cannabis, brands, and products is contagious in every one of his videos. He’s got a great sense of humor, a candid flow, and definitely has a lot of fun digging into “the life of a stoner,” to quote his first video. Flip’s videos incorporate sessions and cool hangs which cover product use, assembling and disassembling tools, and flower prep. His videos often come with a 10% discount code, so be sure to watch to the end!  

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About BrainForest’s Mystery Box

Flippin' Loud's BF Mystery Box Review Here

BrainForest’s jam-packed Stoner Mystery Box is a real steal of a deal. As Flip says, “There’s so much stuff in this bag!..... This is dope!” (We’d call that a rave. 😊) Coming in at $44.99, the box is full of fun and happy items perfect for your fun and happy herb. It’s seriously an unbeatable value. 

Our Mystery Boxes are hand-curated. When purchasing your box, you will be asked if you prefer 

  • I Like to Roll - Flavored Papers
  • I Like Glass - Pipes & Bongs
  • Like It ALL - You like it all. 😊 

Your box will be curated specifically to your preferences so that everything in your box feels like the perfect fit. If you have any additional preferences, we’re happy to further cater your box for you or for your loved one - like for a birthday or any special occasion. ❤️

These Mystery Boxes are currently rated 5 out of 5 stars and make the perfect gifts and are ideal for anyone who proudly embraces stoner culture. These boxes are the perfect way to refresh your smoking accessories while giving yourself a sweet surprise at the same time.

Join the BrainForest community and elevate your next sesh with the Stoner Mystery Box! Shop our full catalog now and explore the best of 420 culture! 

Possible items may include: Rolling tray, cone papers, one-hitters, glass, apparel, grinder, batteries, novelty items, posters, rollers, flavored papers, stickers, wax melts, and/or tools!

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Interested in a Collab with BrainForest?

Are you a THC/CBD-driven YouTuber or Instagrammer who wants to make our acquaintance? If so, please reach out and connect with us at brainforest420somewhere@gmail.com. We’d love to connect and expand the number of our buds by leaps and bounds. 



Happy. Good.

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