BF Stoner Mystery Box Is Practically Perfect in Every Way

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BF Stoner Mystery Box Is Practically Perfect in Every Way

Angel E. Magick’s YouTube Review Celebrates BrainForest’s Incredible Stoner Mystery Box!

Angel E. Magick’s YouTube Review Celebrates BrainForest’s Incredible Stoner Mystery Box!

Angel E. Magick’s YouTube channel features a super-happy, super-excited review of BrainForest’s “I Like It All” Stoner Mystery Box. The video, which was published November 16, 2023, is full of Angel’s contagious enthusiasm for each of the (many!) products, as well as the fun, sweet, sincere banter that is her calling card. This video is the first collaboration between Angel E. Magick and BrainForest, and we cannot wait to partner up again! Angel is a joy and a delight - through and through. 

Favorite Quote: It's like Mary Poppins' bag, but for stoners!

About BrainForest’s Mystery Box

Check out Angel E Magick’s BF Stoner Mystery Box YouTube Review Here!

BrainForest’s jam-packed Stoner Mystery Box is a real steal of a deal. Our favorite Angel quote is, “It's like Mary Poppins' bag, but for stoners!” Don’t you love it?! 😊 Coming in at only $44.99, the box is full of fun and happy items perfect for your fun and happy herb. Seriously, it’s an unbeatable, steal of a deal.

Our Mystery Boxes are hand-curated. When purchasing your box, you will be asked if you prefer.... 

  • I Like to Roll - Flavored Papers
  • I Like Glass - Pipes & Bongs
  • Like It ALL - You like it all. 😊 

Rest assured, your box will be curated specifically to your preferences so that everything in your box feels like the perfect fit. If you have any additional requests, we’re happy to further cater your box for you or for your loved one. For example if you'd like us to drop a special note into the box for a birthday or anniversary, we're happy to do so! ❤️

These Mystery Boxes are currently rated 5 out of 5 stars and make the perfect gifts. These boxes are ideal for anyone who proudly embraces stoner culture. Additionally, they're the perfect way to refresh your smoking accessories while giving yourself a sweet surprise at the same time.

We'd love if you'd join the BrainForest community and elevate your next sesh with our Stoner Mystery Box! Shop our full catalog now and explore the best of 420 culture! 

Possible items may include: Rolling tray, cone papers, one-hitters, glass, apparel, grinder, batteries, novelty items, posters, rollers, flavored papers, stickers, wax melts, and/or tools!

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About Engineering Magic

Angel E. Magick is a Witchy Wonder Woman who uses her channel to delve into Wicca, cannabis, and lifestyle subscription boxes. While ‘witchy’ is the word Angel uses to describe herself, we would like to add that ‘pixieish,’ and ‘charming’ are also perfect adjectives to describe this lovely human being. ❤️ Angel’s videos are a blend of magic know-how, information, and guidance, as well as warm and cheery reviews covering a variety of unique subscription boxes. Be sure to check them all out at Angel E. Magick’s YouTube Channel.


You can find Angel E. Magic on the socials at…. 


Interested in a Collab with BrainForest?

Are you a THC/CBD-driven YouTuber or Instagrammer who wants to make our acquaintance? If so, we’d love to connect and expand the number of our buds by leaps and bounds. Please reach out and connect with us at Thank you for supporting small businesses.  We look forward to customer reviews.



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